About Me

My passion for nature, my love of gardening and a desire to produce something that would enhance the overall well being of the body and mind is what prompted me to start experimenting. I grow lavender, calendula, chamomile and lots of herbs in my own garden at The Wrens Nest and use these to make my own infused oils which I also use to make soaps and potions. I also use natural butters, like cocoa and shea, along with certain seed and vegetable oils and pure essential oils. I really believe in the power of scent and aromatherapy plays a huge part in what I do. Using my soaps and potions will give a lift to your day every time you use them. Just remember to pause and inhale! I use only natural ingredients and there are no chemical or artificial preservatives in my products. I truly hope you enjoy using them and they bring a smile to your day. Danielle

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My Passions


My daughter, Ella.

She is 10 and keeps me on my toes each and every day. She's kind, funny, smart and generous. She loves to be outside running around, she loves her cousins, dancing, singing, lego, drawing, talking and being around people - a real social creature. I hope to instill in her a love for the natural world and the importance of being able to find joy in what you have and what is around you.


My Garden.

My garden is my haven. There is nothing I love more than to be out there pottering around, planting, dead heading, picking up leaves - it doesn't matter. The important thing is just to be out there. It does my head good. I try to have my garden as healthy as possible. I don't use chemical sprays or pellets. I use organic feed and I make homemade remedies for dealing with bugs that get out of control. I did read recently that if you don't have bugs eating things in your garden, its not healthy. I guess I have a healthy garden!


The Natural World.

I have been entranced by the natural world and animals since I was a small child and have many fond memories of childhood days spent outside, exploring the fields and countryside surrounding where I grew up. I feel very lucky to live on the doorstep of Heywood Gardens and its surrounding countryside, in County Laois. It allows me to unwind and de-stress just steps from my front door. Its so important to me to try and protect it as best I can, both in my personal and professional life and am continuously striving to make better choices to protect this beautiful world that we live in.

A quick tour of my garden at The Wrens Nest in May!
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