Natural, handcrafted, aromatherapy soap and skincare, made using flowers grown in my garden at The Wrens Nest, to put a smile on your face.



Need a few moments me-time in your life? Time to Stop. Breathe. Smile.

Take some time to browse the products I make in my kitchen at The Wrens Nest and see what calls to you, what catches your eye. Treat yourself today and you wont be disappointed. Every bar of soap and pot of cream that leaves The Wrens Nest is made with love and care and an appreciation of the magical, natural world around us and I hope that when you use them, you will feel some of that joy, for yourself.



Summers bounty 

Lavender, calendula & chamomile

Making Calendula Oil

Flowers gathered from the garden, dried and then infused in oil for 4-6 weeks

Learn about the benefits of using natural products packed with deliciously moisturising ingredients!